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Which CRM System is best for your Business?

Customer relationship management software is the backbone of every modernized business. It enables you to keep track of all of your customer interaction and manage the lead prospect as well. But do you know how many types of CRM are available in the market? Well, we are better aware of the fact that every business is different and has distinct needs and operations. Thus, you need the right system in place to ensure that operations are going seamlessly and smoothly. Here are all the CRM systems available in the market and what they can do to boost your company's growth.

CRM and Its World

Like in a world, where we have different nations and islands similar in tech, we have some options. Customer relationship management has its siblings or can say have a world. The CRM system enables an organisation to keep track of their customers, manage their behaviour, and interact while making any offer. The goal of using such a tool is easy and simple – generate revenue and increase customer base. The multitude of CRM are of three types:

  •   Operational
  •   Analytical
  •   Collaborative

Let’s have an in-depth analysis of every single aspect of the CRM world.

In-depth Assessment of CRM

  •  Collaborative CRM: This kind of CRM centralises the customer data so that data-driven results could become possible. From sales and marketing to service everything will be listed with it. This CRM works on two major segments - interaction management and channel management. The data is shared across the company so that every department can act accordingly.
  •  Operational CRM: Human errors are eliminated and human efforts are minimised with operational CRM. CRM manages boring and repetitive tasks like identifying the prospect, keeping a look on customer tabs, forecast sales, running marketing campaigns, etc. It enables the sales team to work on a meaningful relationship with customers & marketing professionals to work on a specific audience and personalized messages.
  •  Analytic CRM: The gathering and assembling the customer information is important to analyze and making crucial decisions. These are some trends and data that are hard to ascertain through the human eye. The insights enable the business to generate and convert leads, make smart marketing campaigns and enhance customer service. You can do pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and many more.

Which One is Right for You?

The CRM capabilities are not limited to these three types as every customer relationship management tool is now capable to do distinct tasks. But if you want to go with the specific one, first understand your business and its requirement. Take your count and grow your business at every paradigm.

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